Hello friends, I’m obsessed with testing 3 separate pools and I’ve been running them for 1 month with equal powers. In this case, FLEXPOOL seems to be the best payer. I’ve been running it in 3 separate pools for 1 month to test 3 pools at the same time. The results are very strange, I did not understand;

I connected 2 separate 3080lhr 150mh power to 3 pools.

2miners daily average in 1 month 0.00181eth - $5.40

Ethermine 1 month daily average 0.00189eth - $5.67

Flexpool daily average in 1 month 0.001997eth -$5.99

So now I migrated the whole system to flexpool6 3080 lhr cards give 450mh4 non 3080 lhr cards give 400mhTotal 850mh : It’s been digging $35

For 3 days I did these tests not for 1 day, not for 1 week, but for exactly 1 month, you can test it clearly and clearly.I would definitely recommend Flexpool.

Good luck to everyone